Unity Growth Courses

These are the courses you have access to....Enjoy the Transformation


Reaching Unity Meditation Course

Learning to meditate & understanding how you can use meditation in every area of your life will open up a whole new world.

Meditation will improve your physical emotional and mental health and help you live a life of unity flowing with balance and ease.


First Steps to Reaching Unity Course

A personal and spiritual development course giving you the first steps you need to start making changes and creating a life you love. 

I know how confusing it can all be, you know you want to do something but what? You want to change but how? You know there is more to life and more to you but where to start?

It is also difficult to know who to trust and where to focus your energy, to help you with these issues I have created  First Steps to Reaching Unity, covering the foundations of personal and spiritual development, with exercises and tips on how to practice and apply these to your life.

Creating a strong self and spiritual development practice and foundation allows you to truly reach for the stars and get there!


Learn to Read Tarot

A simple to follow course, taking you through all aspects of connecting and working with Tarot